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A great lighting design creates an aesthetic appeal beyond objective measures. Our brain uses 50% of its capacity to make sense of visual input.

From space, it is easy to see that almost everything at night is artificially lit. This same view also tells us that our approach to lighting is chaotic. The artificial light seen from space is light pollution, a waste of energy and contributing to global warming and land fill.

Poor lighting means migratory birds, baby sea turtles, nocturnal creatures and insects perish unnecessarily. On a human-scale, bad lighting design has legal, aesthetic, health and financial consequences.

Great lighting is art and science combined. There are many pretenders. However, Jenni Gillard is a world lighting authority and Australia’s leading female architectural lighting designer. As at 30 June 2017, she is the only Certified Lighting Designer available in Australasia, one of three in Asia and one of twenty-four globally.

The uptake of digital friendly LED heralds a dramatic change in the business and technology of artificial lighting 2017-2024. Disruptions are occurring at different rates throughout the whole supply chain. New opportunities and threats unfold.

The Gillard Group and its Principals are creating magic spaces and significant savings and preparing clients for new technologies and services.

Contact us and shadows will fall behind you.