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2017 Dec
Seasons greetings. Thank you all for your good business 2017. Our office reopens 8 January 2018. The Principals will continue to monitor contact via phone and web site.

Santa told us that Spectrum won LUX Global Designer Awards 2018: best multi-residential design. The complex will feature in a special global awards publication. The judges appear to support our claim:

“Spectrum is the most spectacularly lit, ambient, economical, energy-lit-efficient and aged-friendly-lit affordable housing complex in the world.”

We are so excited about the New Year and trust our clients and friends had a terrific Christmas.

2017 Nov
Spectrum wins Urban Development Institute of Australia award for excellence – three in a row (Bowen Court and Caggara). We have entered Spectrum into international lighting award programs run in the northern hemisphere.

More doors open for our Lighting as a Service offering. The Gillard Group wins another apartment complex contract. Our Christmas hamper is full of business.

The Australian Government’s proposed 2019 version of the National Construction Code proposes significant reductions to illumination power density values. The proposed Code sows many unintended and delitorious consequences.

General Electric announces the sale of Current and the end of GE’s involvement with lighting. This confirms our predictions made 2012. More turmoils await the lighting industry. Risks for unsuspecting owners of large lighting portfolios grows. The time to contact us, is now.

2017 Oct
Feedback from Federal Government legislators and the Illuminating Engineering Society over Government efforts to update national lighting regulations continues.

As advised May 2017, our view holds that the update will not be significant enough to really accelerate uptake of quality LED in an optimal way. We are pessimistic that the parties will arrive at a sensible outcome. When you visit a house in a remote Indian village made out of Buffalo dung and see it is lit with LED and Australia’s uptake of LED languishes at 8%, you get the picture.

The Gillard Group signed up multiple new jobs with a major new international client. Another major job grows closer and we look forward to telling you about it in November.

Pictured (L-R) Jenni, John, Chris and Kate working on a Light Audit.

Sadly, recent changes to Australian Federal Government legislation, forced Kate to return to England. However, Tom, an under-graduate architect student with a love for and majoring in lighting, found us and recently joined the team.

2017 Sept
Principal, Mark Lloyd presented to ICT representatives from fifty countries at a global Conference hosted by the Computer Society of Sri Lanka (CSSL) in Colombo. The Conference theme was: Towards Digital Prosperity. Mark’s topic: Digital lighting and light-based technologies (a $110B+ dollar opportunity for technologists).

LED uptake continues to build a global light network and IOT capability.

The downstream opportunities for innovative organisations to create transformative new client experiences through new products and services using light, is limited only by our imagination.

Accordingly, the Gillard Group continues to attract attention from major corporations with our world-leading Lighting as a Service offer and MinMin Light System.

The speed of these developments means the paradigm-shift takes awhile for potential clients to assimilate. Once they commit and become part of our LaaS community, the benefits become self-evident, says Mark.

The CSSL sent us this brief post-Conference video promo in which Mark’s presentation is cited as a highlight.

Jenni and Mark appreciated the Conference opportunity to better understand what is happening in ICT globally and its implications for our clients and deepen our network of subject-matter-experts. The range and acceleration of digital-based change is breathtaking, concluded Jenni.

Pictured (LtoR) Yohan Ramasundara, Secretary General SEARCC; Dr Nick Tate, President SEARCC; Mark Lloyd, Principal Gillard Group; and Yasas Abeywickrama, President CSSL.

2017 August
The Gillard Group picked up several new exciting lighting design jobs from Brisbane to Cairns. We have even bigger Lighting as a Service prospects under negotiation. As reported February, Principal Mark Lloyd (and Jenni Gillard) depart for a speaking engagement at a major computing Conference in Sri Lanka. Mike Goodman and the team will carry on business as usual.

2017 July
The Gillard Group is pleased to announce the full-time appointment of Mike Goodman. He has already confirmed positive NET savings resulting from our Lighting as a Service.

For a commercial site, we reduced wattage 76% and lights 39%, achieved 5.2 watts per square metre and used only 30 watts for night-security. ROI is three years. The client said:

“Jenni and her team did a fabulous job. We still cannot believe the difference changing the lighting has made to the look and feel of the office. Definitely worth dealing with the experts.”

For a new home, the client said:

“…. we both can see the value that we are getting and consider ourselves so extremely lucky to have found you!!!”

For Spectrum Apartments, the client said:

“The external lighting is spectacular and highlights the building and the internal lighting is perfectly functional and creates great ambience in all units.”

For lighting as a service or great lighting design contact us and save money.

2017 June
The Gillard Group has entered a most exciting phase of growth. Clients have opened their doors to lighting as a service and our ground-breaking system. The next quarter is demanding, as we pull together LaaS offers. Our vanguard clients accelerate maturation of our solution. We are ably supported by a CFO specialising in Finance, Audit, Governance and Corporate Services. He is transitioning from oversight of $2 billion (AUS) in project value, to join our business. Contact us and save money.

2017 May
The Gillard Group Principals attended the Sparc-FMA International Lighting and Facilities Event (Sydney) and visited the Vivid Festival. The Conference attracted local and international speakers. The lighting industry’s woes deepen from digital disruption and market and LED manufacturing liberalisation. The Delegate of the EU to Australia provided an excellent overview of the EU’s success with LED uptake and energy and emission reductions. Australia is lagging badly

Pictured: Jenni (white dress) and Mark in the centre of the Sparc reception function.

The Vivid Festival now attracts over two million visitors and re-introduces the public to the power of light, at least for facade and decorative lighting.

The Principals also met Government Legislators and Lighting Council Australia representatives and contributed our views. The Government’s new draft lighting legislation is close. We trust it will be tough enough, broad enough and prescient enough to help consumers avoid bad market behaviour and poor quality LED. We doubt design and or lighting designers will be regulated. Without formal recognition, controls and penalties, poor design and bad practice will continue to erode consumer confidence.

The Gillard Group has become a world leader in lighting as a service. Our offering is unique. We are price leaders and seek to accelerate and deepen this part of our business. We seek forward-thinking owners of large lighting portfolios. Contact us and save money.

2017 April
The Gillard Group alerts you to the Consultation Regulation Impact Statement – Lighting (Nov 2016) produced by the Governments and Territories of Australia and New Zealand. The report highlights “the problem” associated with the low uptake of energy-saving, long-life quality LED.  The report finds: bad market behaviour; zero, false and/or misleading information; too many poor quality LED products; consumer ignorance; dated and inadequate regulations; and limited consumer protection. The report also finds “split incentives” encouraging developers to continue to install the cheapest lighting product, without fear of downstream consequences.

A good design from a product-independent lighting company like us, using quality LED, pays for itself quickly. Too many consumers are being put off or ripped off and left without recourse; despite LED being a perfectly sound and cost-effective solution.

Until resolved, vested interests continue to lobby Governments to go softly and make concessions to ensure a soft landing. Meanwhile, the cost of electricity continues to climb, short-life product and mercury fills rubbish-tips and the Earth’s temperature rises. Moreover, China, Japan, India, European Union and many other nations have aggressive targets for LED adoption. Lastly, most major lighting manufacturers are no longer investing in conventional lamps – LED adoption is inevitable.

2017 Mar
The Gillard Group has partnered with local technology firm 1ICT to continue development of our ground-breaking system underpinning our Lighting as a Service. 1ICT CEO Satish Naidu says:

“As the Gillard Group’s innovative MinMin Light System is beautifully constructed, we are delighted to accelerate and support its development into the future.”

Kate, a qualified Interior Designer from London, has joined us on a part time trial basis. She has already added value to an important client.

The Gillard Group continues to light an impressive list of landmark buildings. Soon, the exterior lighting for St Mary’s church will be completed in Warwick and sourcing product to complete St Andrews church in Bundaberg is well advanced.

2017 Feb
The Gillard Group partner Mark Lloyd accepted an invitation to speak at a major computing conference in Sri Lanka in September 2017. The Sri Lanka Computer Society is co-hosting their conference with the South East Asian Regional Computer Conference (SEARCC) and accommodating the General Assembly of the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP). Representatives of IFIP and SEARCC come from around the world and represent some of the world’s leaders in technology research.

The conference theme is Towards Digital Prosperity. Mark will share his research and insights into digital lighting and the exciting opportunities it represents for the world and the way we live, work and play.

2017 Jan
The Gillard Group’s international lighting excellence award for Bowen Court Apartments is published in LIGHTING Art and Science for International Designers Vol. 36, Issue Six, Dec 2016/Jan 2017 page 67. This magazine is published on behalf of the Illuminating Engineering Society (AusNZ).

Pictured with Jenni celebrating the International Lighting Award are fellow Gillard Group Principals Mike and Mark and BHC’s management.

The Gillard Group is also published in a special ten page feature article in the Turkish lighting magazine, KONSEPT PROJELER (Concept Projects) 52nd issue, Jan-Mar 2017. The Editorial team selected many projects from our body of work. In a question/answer format they also explored Jenni Gillard’s lighting and design philosophy and company goals. The magazine has 7,000+ readers from central and western Europe. The magazine regularly features great international lighting designers and architects.

The Gillard Group’s article Lighting Storms is published in INTERIOR FITOUT Jan-Mar 2017 pages 31-33.  The Magazine has 20,000 readers.

2016 Dec
Merry Christmas to all our wonderful clients. Spectrum Apartments opened November. The complex showcases our facade of four three-story high waterfalls of coloured neon light. The rainbow of colours makes a spectacular statement and a dream finish for us in 2016.

In other news, India pushes for all LED 2019 (visit ujala dashboard), General Electric announces it will no longer build Compact Fluorescent Lamps and the European Union has banned Halogen bulbs and floodlights. Conventional lamps are being phased out and uptake of LED continues to accelerate under Haitz Law. We encourage owners of large light portfolios to come and talk to us in 2017 – we have so much to offer.

2016 Nov
Jenni Gillard features in LD+A, the magazine for the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (page 73). She is recognised with others as the first in the world to obtain their Certified Lighting Designer (CLD) credentials. The CLD is the first evidence-based assessment and double-blind test of professional competence over seven domains of lighting practice. As at publication, only twenty individuals in the world have passed this rigorous test.

2016 Nov
The Gillard Group launched Lighting as a Service (LaaS) 2015 and signed long term clients 2016. According to Research and Markets, the LaaS market is estimated to grow at a compounding annual growth rate of 46.3% during 2016 to 2022 to reach a market size of US$934.4M by 2022. As we are the first independent lighting design company to launch LaaS in the world, we are well placed to provide this exciting service to more clients 2017.

2016 Oct
The IESANZ International Lighting Excellence Awards held in Christchurch NZ announced, from winners across Australia and NZ, that the Gillard Group’s lighting design for Bowen Court Apartments had won the ultimate Award. IESANZ Chief judge Professor Emeritus Warren Julian AM concluded: 

“The lighting for this recycled housing project is primarily to produce a safe, efficient and low-cost environment.  It has achieved this but with a bonus that makes very basic dwellings and their connecting and public spaces seem like an upmarket unit block …….”

IESANZ sponsors our project into the world’s largest International Lighting Design Award Program run by the IALD. Winners will be announced at a gala dinner LIGHTFAIR International, Philadelphia, USA May 2017.

Equally exciting, at the Queensland IES awards night, our John Cullen accepted on Chris Jacobsen’s behalf, his win for a student luminaire design. Chris received $1,500 prize money and trophy. Chris, in his final year of a product design degree, and the team, was thrilled with the honour.

2016 Sept
The Principals presented: “As the ICT industry muscles into lighting, what then?” to the Australian Smart Lighting Summit, Melbourne. We revealed some of our earlier research and projected our thoughts about the lighting industry’s future when technology giants come to dance. The presentation generated significant interest and subsequent enquiries from diverse entities.

Pictured: Mark and Jenni doing a joint presentation at the Smart Lighting Summit.

The Principals also met a Melbourne SME doing advanced smart lighting controls, a chandelier specialist and other business interests.

2016 July
The Gillard Group’s two lighting entries (Ann Street Church and Disk Luminaire) are both short-listed by an international judging panel for the European Darc Awards. We submit four entries for the Illuminating Engineering Society’s (IES) award consideration in September. Meanwhile, our 2015 IES award winner, Bowen Court, is being judged, against others, for an international lighting award.

2016 June
The Gillard Group launches its beta version system to support its Lighting as a Service. The system looks like another world-first solution for us. The system will save clients money and bring them much greater certainty about managing their LED-based lighting portfolios, especially downstream. The system and associated processes will commence trials as part of our accelerating research and development program. The system already contains an extensive database. Designed and led by Principal Mark Lloyd in partnership with Jenni Gillard, two c-suit technologists, a c-suit accountant and an experienced programmer the development is in full swing.

2016 May
Aglow, part of the Gillard Group, signs ‘brownfield’ client to a four year Lighting as a Service contract and commences negotiations with another.

2016 Apr
The Principals expand their global network of influencers and suppliers. We continue to compile and contact start-up firms venturing into the new opportunities afforded by digital-friendly LED, digitised illumination and the Internet of Things.

2016 Mar
In New Zealand and Singapore, the Principals do business and pleasure. In Germany, they attend interviews, business meetings, Light + Building Conference (Frankfurt) and CEBIT (Hannover) the world’s largest technology event.

At CEBIT, IBM’s Pepper using IBM’s Watson (Artificial Intelligence) and natural speech technology impressed everyone

Jenni at Light+Building, Frankfurt Germany, noting the latest in retail lighting

2016 Mar
We note with interest the renaming of Smart Lighting Engineering Research Centre (see 2013 Dec below) to Lighting Enabled Systems and Applications (LESA). LESA’s focus on lighting systems that think fits very well with our own research and predictions for what is unfolding 2015-2024. The omnipresent smart LED luminaire will become the end and start point of the global data/service network. You need to start looking at your humble lights differently and preparing for new services in the pipeline – contact us. 

2016 Feb
Gillard Group refreshes web site.

2016 Jan
The Gillard Group features in Interior Fitout magazine, Jan-March edition (ASOFIA) – “Seeing The Light: Advancements in Lighting Design and Technology.”

Our IES award is recognised by the client on their web site and becomes a contender for international lighting award consideration.

The Gillard Group features in Lighting (Art and Science for International Designers) magazine, Dec-Jan edition (IESANZ).

Tech giants leverage their technologies to usher in and supercharge a new lighting and services paradigm, for example: Apple talks. Our 2012 research paper 2015-2024 continues to prove prescient. Aglow’s new services meets early success.

End year, sees the beginning of the end of the traditional lighting industry and the end of the beginning of what we planned for since 2012. We see Samsung pull out of lamps, Philips and Osram are selling their general lighting businesses and General Electric has set theirs adrift. If you are a building owner or planning new constructions, what does the decline of the traditional lighting industry mean for your business? As margins and old ways fade, the chaos in the supply chain will worsen. Contact us or read more: Architectural Lighting Jan/Feb 2016 p28 or Bloomberg article.

2015 Nov
Sunday 22nd and the Gillard Group becomes the first independent lighting design company and one of first in the world to offer Lighting as a Service (LaaS), a complete and comprehensive offering providing end-to-end funding, design, installation, maintenance and energy and replacement programs. While others, including the major lighting companies were talking about it, for example GE Lighting or trialling (Philips, Washington DC Metro), we did it.

Critically, we are product independent: no over-lighting, no over-selling; no over-specifying; no gouging the energy savings; no product lock-in; no commission taking; no product substitution; and no use of inferior or superseded shelf-product. As major product suppliers try to reinvent themselves as LaaS providers, they remain burdened by their cost of production and 20,000 LED suppliers collapsing margins. Meanwhile, retrofitters profit from naive buyers transiting to low-energy LED.  However, as the global LED market reaches saturation (about 2020 according to the Boston Consulting Group), this market will collapse on itself, fold manufacturers and companies and forfeit warranties (not that most warranties are worth much). Now, independent advice, is priceless – contact us.

2015 Nov
The Gillard Group wins the Illuminating Engineering Society’s (IESANZ) annual Queensland Lighting Design Award of Excellence for Bowen Court 

2015 Oct
Jenni Gillard becomes the first female and second Australian and ninth globally to become a Certified Lighting Designer and the only person available in Australasia carrying this gold-standard international qualification. Registration requires submission of a broad portfolio of lighting work and application of a double-blind process in which an international panel do not know who is judging, or being judged. Only a unanimous decision, based on meeting strict domains of professional lighting practice, qualify.

2015 Jan
In Italy, the Principals meet the inventor of and review an extraordinary artificial light solution that replicates the look of the sun shining through skylights. Amazing realism.

2014 Apr
Jenni Gillard becomes the first female and eighth Australian to be registered as a full member of the largest International Association of Lighting Designers.

2013 Dec
In America, the Principals spend the day with Bob Karlicek, Professor and Director, Smart Lighting Engineering Research Centre, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, arguably the foremost lighting research centre in the world.

Pictured: Bob and Jenni (Troy, USA)

2013 Nov
In Germany, the Principals attend: Strategies in Light Conference (Munich); meet with Giovanni Scilla, Global Portfolio Manager (Osram); Secretary General, Star Alliance; and other officials.  We also visit Ingo Maurer (Studio).

Pictured: Giovanni, Jenni and Mark (Munich)

We invest and commence building innovative new systems and services to help our clients in the new lighting paradigm 2015-2024.

2012 Dec
Our research paper (2015-2024) said: “The faster the world adopts LED, the faster the lighting domain turns digital and so the speed of LED adoption determines when the traditional lighting industry unravels and becomes the prey of bigger predators.”