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Bowen Court Apartments

The Gillard Group’s lighting design for this 51 unit complex won Lighting Excellence Awards (Queensland, October 2015) and (Australasia, November 2016). The complex automatically entered into the world’s largest international lighting award program. For an affordable housing complex to reach this level is unprecedented, as usual winners are no-expense architecture. The 2017 winner was the Harbin Opera House.

IES ANZ Chief Judge, Professor Emeritus Warren Julian AM, stated:

“The lighting for this recycled housing project is primarily to produce a safe, efficient and low-cost environment. It has achieved this but with a bonus that makes very basic dwellings and their connecting and public spaces seem like an upmarket unit block. The designer used a mixture of lighting techniques to illuminate stairwells, landings and open areas. Indirect lighting and diffused light has been used effectively to achieve aesthetic as well as pragmatic objectives. Custom made but inexpensive components were used, such as the light boxes in every unit that harvest daylight and provide electric light by night.”

We also reduced each unit’s lighting running costs down to less than 16 cents per day and achieved other significant savings.