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Energy and emission reduction currently drives the uptake of LED. However, LED is digital friendly. The globe is fast-becoming a joined up neural network of sensors and actuators. The Internet-of-Things (IOT) is almost upon us and bandwidth will be crucial. As WiFi becomes congested, the end of the technology tunnel is light. Digitised photons streaming via fibre and airspace. Ubiquitous smart LED luminaries extends the global digital framework. NASA’s satellite image of the globe is an analogy of a light-based network bathing the world in neural intelligence and smart services.

Under IOT, almost every artificial thing, courses intelligently via light. Through light, every imaginable service is provided.  

Tomorrow’s luminaire is Hal 9000’s eyes (2001 Space Odyssey) and all the hopes and fears humanity summons when confronting a new frontier.

During 2015-2024, the fight will be over who gains control over digital-light space (home, office, car and beyond) and fought by tech companies’ competing uber-operating systems. Consider your whole digital world (all the spaces and most things you use) managed by one ecosystem. Apple, for example, understands what smart lights mean for this future and their business: Apple talks. (Do you?)

Subtly and inevitably, your choices about products and services will be determined, less by its value and more by its compatibility with a digital ecosystem. The tech giants are well progressed with next generation ecosystems and are trialling them in homes, businesses, cars and whole communities. Is your business ready?

If you believe the greatest risk and opportunities for your business is the future, contact us. The Gillard Group is much more than just a great lighting design studio. We are already ready for IOT.